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Best Leading Jute Rope Manufacturer in Bangladesh

We are the largest jute rope exporter from Bangladesh and a leader in the worldwide export of jute rope products such as jute bags, jute hessian fabric, jute twine or jute yarn, jute shopping bags, and other jute products. We are leading jute rope manufacturer in Bangladesh.

These jute items are fantastic from the utility and come complete with a stunning and attractive high-fashion finish. Our jute bags, handicraft jute, and natural jute items are sophisticated and consist of unique jute fabric, bamboo, and cane combination. You can achieve much more significant savings through our reasonable rates, low-cost shipments, and local collection choices of jute rope for sale.

Hot Collections

Diamond Jute Diversification & Co. is a reputed jute products manufacturer in the world. We are always best supporting to jute products buyer. We are regularly exporting following items to world wide – Jute Tape, Jute Rope, Jute TwineChristmas Gift Bags, Promotional Jute Bag, Shopping Bags, Ladies Jute Bag, Burlap Wine BagGarden Pots/Garden Pots and Planters, Jute Nursery Bag, Jute Garden Sheet, Burlap Drawstring Bags, Handicrafts Items etc.

jute rope
Jute Webbing

Products List

Jute Rope
3  Strand Jute Rope

You can buy the best jute rope items within your budget from Diamond Jute Diversification & Co. The organization has succeeded in promoting products made of jute.

Burlap Ribbon

Diamond Diversification & Co has produced burlap items for the production of natural resources that are recyclable and ecologically sustainable.

nursery rope
Nursery Jute Rope

You will achieve a natural and effective look in your garden with our wide range of ropes made for use in your nursery and garden.

jute tape

Diamond Jute Diversification is a Highly reputed and leading jute tape manufacturer and we are always High Quality Jute Tape Manufacturer in Bangladesh.

Burlap Roll

The best organization to find burlap rolls for anything you use them for is Diamond Diversification & Co. Our burlap products have crafted of jute fabric;

jute webbing
Jute Webbing

Diamond Diversification & Co. is one of Bangladesh’s leading and most prominent brands of jute diversification. . We feel proud to be the best manufacturer and 

Camouflage burlap
Camouflage Burlap

With this stiff, sturdy, durable camouflage fabric, you can build a hunting shelter. The camouflage burlap roll can have used season by season. A quickly constructed 

jute spiral tube
Jute Spiral Tube

The uniqueness of the Burlap spiral tube in the USA makes this a flexible and long-lasting safety cover for many items. The tubing has continually placed in a roll,

jute bag
Jute Bag

Jute Bags are an ideal alternative for those plastic bags and other bags that damage us. Killing wildlife and much more by the polluting environment.


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