Jute Webbing

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High Quality Jute Webbing Manufacturer in Bangladesh

Diamond Jute Diversification & Co. is a high quality jute webbing manufacturer in Bangladesh. Jute webbing is robust, sturdy and suitable both for indoor and outdoor applications. This is no longer exclusively for furnishing and These webbing furniture brackets may also have used for craft, home decorations, school projects and many more. It may have used for the seats, sofas or storage for other structural reinforcement strapping applications. Let your be as unique as you are. Our jute webbing material for is perfect for your next design. The red jute webbing through craft jute creates colourful and graceful charm and retains classical beauty.

Diamond Diversification & Co. is one of Bangladesh’s leading and most prominent brands of jute diversification. We feel proud to be the best manufacturer and exporting business for all Jute Diversified Products like Webbing. Any webbing in jute can have created such as length, width and weight as per your requirement. Our team specializes in delivering affordable quality for premium upholstery products. As a commercial furniture maker ourselves, we use them for even high-end manufacturers in the service industry all of these same items in our furniture. We are the most recognized and trusted manufacturer of diversified and competitively priced jute items.


2″– 9 lbs/PGY (Plain & Stripe)
Packing: 36 Yards/Roll, 48 roll / Bale.

2″–10 lbs/PGY (Plain & Stripe)
Packing: 36 Yards/Roll, 48 roll / Bale.

25″– 9 lbs/ 72 yards (Plain & Stripe)
Packing: 72 Yards/Roll, 12 roll / Bale.

50″– 10 lbs/ 72 yards (Plain & Stripe)
Packing: 72 Yards/Roll, 12 roll / Bale

50″– 11 lbs/ 72 yards (Plain & Stripe)
Packing: 72 Yards/Roll, 12 roll / Bale

Where to buy jute webbing:

Diamond Diversification & Co has engaged in the manufacture of jute webbing and diversified jute products for recyclable and ecologically safe natural resources. You can purchase Diamond Diversification & Co’s best jute webbing products inside your budget. Webbing products made of jute have effectively marketed by our organization. Using innovation and improvisation, we supplied different products to contemporary consumers. We also always aim to manufacture inexpensive, organic jute products without compromising our ethical values. We believe that our goods will please you. Our first goal is to ensure that our clients have a fantastic experience.

Jute webbing wholesale:

We are Bangladesh’s biggest jute webbing wholesaler and a global leader in jute webbing products exports. We also export Jute webbing products to satisfy customer demand in diverse types and finishes as the leading source for jute webbing. These items from Jute webbing are lovely and come in a unique and attractive, highly stylish finish. Our natural jute webbing products are sophisticated, and the substance consists of vegetable, natural fibre. By our competitive prices, low-cost transfers and local jute webbing collection options for sale, you would save a lot more.

How to use jute webbing?

Jute webbing is a highlight of strong interior layout through the imaginative use of modest fabrics. Jute webbing is available around crating activities in several beautiful Colors throughout the year. It is available in black, green, light blue/purple and bight and orange/ red cherry. The Jute webbing is used for constructing a concrete structure over frames, within the furniture, under its seat and stretches over this furniture area as closely as possible. It is also built-in a woven design to have as much structural strength and stabilization as possible before being set in place.


Jute chair webbing:


Our plain jute webbing is the best solution to make jute chair webbing if you want to reupholster the sagging heirloom chair or spruce up your home decorations and wow your mates with your imagination. When you have an old chair with a rough back, or you even prefer a chair with no back at all.  You will spark new life in the chair, making it both practical and elegant with around an hour of the time and a few necessary materials. For non-foot and straightforward storage or transport, the jute chair webbing is well-packaged and enclosed in a plastic bag.

Jute furniture webbing:


The webbing has also found as a usable foundation on which the cushions has put in sitting furniture. Jute furniture like jute chair or couches combines well with rustic designs in cottage, industrial and even trendy home decor. Including woven jute webbing, available in different widths and even colours, such as web spacing and nail trim options. The goal of our Jute furniture webbing would be to provide sufficient stability to have a comfortable seating area as well as provide a robust enough structural suspension.


Jute webbing Home Depot:

Our products Home Depot helps you to stress the webbing of the jute when stacking. Just place the webbing over the pins and press down to create friction, then stack the rubber-end of the tool against the wood. Jute home webbing is useful when recently constructed furniture or antique furniture sections need to be upholstered. This set includes an aesthetically crafted wooden handle on a webbing stretcher which stretches or tightens the webbing both jute and polypropylene that supporting the bedding and cupboards of sofas, chairs, ottoman and other furniture.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/2″][vc_images_carousel images=”1851,1850,1849,1847,1844,1845″ img_size=”450×450″ autoplay=”yes” hide_pagination_control=”yes” wrap=”yes” css_animation=”none” title=”Jute Webbing” el_class=”single-slider-img”][vc_column_text][/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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