Jute Tape

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High Quality Jute Tape  

Diamond Jute Diversification is a Highly reputed and leading jute tape manufacturer and we are always High Quality Jute Tape Manufacturer in Bangladesh. We are trusted company and we are regular exporting jute tape to Korean market since longdays. We have capacity 10×40′ container per month.


10  CM 45 Roll/Carton
15  CM 30Roll/Carton
20  CM 30 Roll/Carton
30  CM 18 Roll/carton
40  CM 15 Roll/carton
60  CM 09 Roll/carton
80  CM 06 Roll/Bag
100  CM 06 Roll/Bag
120  CM 06 Roll/Bag

Length                         : 15 mtr, 16 mtr, 16.5 mtr, 17 mtr, 18 mtr, 20 mtr, 50 mtr Both side over lock sewn. Ex fabrics CBC

Fabric Construction : (6×6), (6×7),  (7×7), (9×8), (11×12), (12×13) and (15×15)

Packing                      : Paper box

Port of Shipment     : Chittagong Port, Bangladesh

Uses                           : These tapes are generally using for wrapping the tree & tree roots to protect themselves from

Burlap fabric roll wholesale:

The best organization to find burlap rolls for anything you use them for is Diamond Diversification & Co. Our burlap products have crafted of jute fabric; our rolls get a rugged and rustic quality to them. Several of our customers buy burlap rolls for their wedding or home decor from us and make table runners with them. Our burlap products like camo burlap rolls are eco-friendly, so no waste needs to be bothered. The fabric made out of jute fibre is biodegradable and can decompose, meaning that you don’t have to think about damaging the world, not just have what you need. Because of the burlap being an organic produced, the tightness of the cloth or the look of the fabric may differ per lot, and the occasional imperfection becomes included in of its natural beauty. High Quality Jute Tape Manufacturer in Bangladesh

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