3 Strand Jute Rope

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Jute Rope

Jute Rope manufacturer in Bangladesh
Diamond Jute Diversification & Co. also produce 3 strand jute rope and Gardening jute rope
Color: Natural color and Dyed.
Quality: Sacking, Hessian, and CB.
Nursery Jute Rope- 2mm jute rope, 3mm jute rope, 4 jute rope,6 jute rope and 8mm jute rope.
3 Strand Jute Rope
6mm jute rope, 8mm jute rope, 10mm jute rope, 12mm jute rope, 14mm jute rope, 16mm jute rope, 18mm jute rope, 20mm jute rope, 22mm jute rope, 24mm jute rope, 26mm jute rope, 28mm jute rope, 30mm jute rope, 32mm jute rope, 34mm jute rope, 36mm jute rope, 38mm jute rope, 40mm jute rope, 42mm jute rope, 44mm jute rope, 46mm jute rope, 48mm jute rope, 50mm jute rope.
Length: 30m, 50m, 100m, 200m or weight 2.00kg coil/spool, 3 kg coil/spool, 10kg coil, 25kg coil or above. Also we are using Shrink Film, label, barcode etc. as per buyer requirements.
Packing: Jute Rope in carton or Jute bag, pallet or without pallet as per buyer choice,
Mode of payment L/C or T.T.
Mode of shipment FOB or CNF.
Loading Capacity: 1×20′ Container = 12 M.Ton
1×40′ HC Container = 26 M.Ton

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Where to buy jute rope near me:

You can buy the best jute rope items within your budget from Diamond Jute Diversification & Co. The organization has succeeded in promoting products made of jute. We also provided modern customers with new goods through creativity and improvisation. Without losing our ethical principles, we consistently work hard to produce cheap, sustainable jute products.

Jute rope manufacturer in Bangladesh:

  • Since its establishment in 2005, Diamond Jute Diversification & Co. has been active in manufacturing Hogla Basket products and jute diversified products for biodegradable and environmentally sustainable natural fabrics. The company is the Bangladeshi’s best jute rope manufacturer Jute Rope Basket, Jute Rope bags, and others have manufactured. For jute rope wholesale, the organization is the largest manufacturer of Jute products and exporting company that believes anywhere & always an inexpensive option.
  • We are the largest jute rope exporter from Bangladesh and a leader in the worldwide export of jute rope products such as jute bags, jute hessian fabric, jute twine or jute yarn, jute shopping bags, and other jute products. We also supply Jute rope goods as the most significant jute rope supplier available to fulfil consumer demand in different styles and finishes. These jute items are fantastic from the utility and come complete with a stunning and attractive high-fashion finish. Our jute bags, handicraft jute, and natural jute items are sophisticated and consist of unique jute fabric, bamboo, and cane combination. You can achieve much more significant savings through our reasonable rates, low-cost shipments, and local collection choices of jute rope for sale.

Uses of jute rope:

During the Bangladesh monsoon, jute grows. Jute is a long, shiny plant fiber that can have converted into rough yet solid filets. The fibres will be between 3-13 feet long as the plant can be. The jute fiber has extracted from the bark of the jute plant stem. Jute fibres have a colour ranging from white to bright brown. In many of these uses, natural jute rope has substituted synthetic materials; some services benefit from the biodegradable jute design, where synthetics would be unacceptable. Examples such as containers that can be planted directly with a basket without damaging roots are containers for planting young trees and soil regeneration, where jute fabric prevents erosion as natural vegetation grows. We use jute rope for different types of purposes like for Home decoration, Craft items, etc. The uses of jute rope are discussing below:

  • Jute Rope Basket:

    This has made of healthy material, just like bringing nature home, without any chemicals. This one is perfect for a kindergarten, a bedroom, a bathroom, a kitchen, and an indoor planting holder. Our durable jute rope baskets with lid are soft as the fabric but firm as wire or coil. This location will look fabulous, a rustic package of dried or faux flowers. Although not in application, you can fold flat and save space for fast storage. Place it best in a garment bag or pillowcase while washing by the machine.

  • Home decoration:

    Jute is sturdy and attractive, so it should not be shocking that these fabrics are all used to weave, from lampshades to stylish vases. The brilliant, aromatic material offers a natural appearance while retaining minimalist elegance. Coloured jute rope has an extraordinarily dense yet soft touch because they are particularly common. They can handle massive traffic and are suitable for households with strong children and dogs. They are very popular with children.

  • Crafts items:

    You’re going to find jute rope twine available by the jute rope spool, whether you go to your local art shop, art fair, or online auction. It is incredibly flexible and open to any DIY enthusiast. Many products made with jute rope dyed — thought buckets, platform holders, plant holders, lighting systems, cutlery holders, dream catchers, and more. It would help if you started playing with your crafts once you hang up the simple threading process.

  • Jute bags:

    Jute Bags are an ideal alternative for those plastic bags and other bags that damage us. Killing wildlife and much more by the polluting environment. We also expertise in white cotton jute bags. Top-quality jute sack bags have sold in one design and one shape. The fabric jute bag’s construction protects the fabric from being destroyed, and, own to their outstanding consistency, the jute bags are still used even in the present day. This bag is the most common free or Vegetable Oil Treated hydrocarbon and environmentally safe packaging solution for manufacturing crops.

  • Construction building purpose:

    The jute rope is among the most common composite components in different industries. In the supply of raw material to the jute industry, jute rope plays a significant role. The sector offers a great deal of work and income from precious currency. In the case of building work, jute fibres are also excellent for shading and vegetation safety.

  • Jute rope Ships:

    The company manufactures a wide range of different jute products, such as jute rope, bags, jute tape, etc. It is not just a manufacturer and trader of jute basket products but also provides a one-stop solution for all jute rope questions.

  • Gardening rope:

    With our vast collection of ropes built for use in your house and garden, you can achieve a natural and successful look in your garden. We also have particular rope for your purpose, whether you want to install a rope swing, trail the sweet peas and runner beans, create a rope stair banister.

  • Nursery rope:

    The collection of our top-quality cut-to-size ropes for nursing provides excellent properties, including UV-resistance and abrasion resistance. You will make a natural and practical look of your nursery with our wide variety of ropes made for use in your nursing. Ropes can be made to the project’s necessities and are available in a wide variety of textures and sizes.

The difference between hemp and jute rope:

Hemp is softer to the skin (aka less course) in both cotton and cords. NO petroleum or other chemical compounds used on jute ropes and processing have used in Hemp Rope. Jute rope calls for some pesticides and herbicides that do not need hemp rope.

If you want to see Jute Rope vs. manila rope, you can find the Jute rope is also the most inexpensive fiber, one of the most readily available fabrics. Although its breaking power is approximately 20% less than that of Manila rope, its reduced capacity and thermal toughness allow for long-lasting and robust jute seams. Manila’s rope is a kind of manila hemp rope. It is not hemp, although it has named because hemp has long an excellent fiber source, and sometimes other fibres have been named after this.

The difference between the Sisal rope and jute rope is:

The jute ropes become obtained with the jute plant stem and outer layer, while the agave has developed with sisal ropes. Jute fiber rugs are smooth and fluffy, but sisal rugs seem to be rough and not ideal for sensitive feet.


Jute’s rope items use for making baskets, handles, and a jute belt. A broad range of Colors, which have manufactured in jute rope, add glamor and affectation. We hope you will not ignore buying such items that have an aesthetical impact in your home and garden. By way of innovation and improvisation, we have supplied new items to global customers. You will find numerous ropes for making beautiful baskets, crafts, and bags while you are following our catalogs closely.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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