Nursery Jute Rope

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Best Nursery Jute Rope Manufacturer in Bangladesh

Nursery Jute Rope:

You will achieve a natural and effective look in your garden with our wide range of ropes made for use in your nursery and garden. Our twine with natural fiber garden jute rope is suitable for all types of garden requirements, from training wines and steeping plants to bamboo links and even marking levels. The great thing about it is biodegradable throw it in the compost pile after the season has done. We are also manufacturer of 3 Strand Jute Rope. 


The quality of the Gardening Jute Rope includes CB quality Jute Rope, Hessian quality Jute Rope, Sacking Quality Jute Rope.


The gardening jute rope diameter includes 2mm jute rope, 3mm jute rope, 4mm jute rope, 6mm jute rope, 8mm jute rope.


30m, 50m, 100m, 200m or weight 1.8kg spool, 1.9kg spool or 2.00kg spool.

Packaging of the product

We are packing Jute Rope in 8 spool per carton or as per buyer choice.

The process of shipment:


Mode of Payment :

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