Best Hogla Planter Basket in Bangladesh manufacturer

Best Hogla Planter Basket Manufacturer in Bangladesh

The largest and highly reputed Manufacturer of Hogla Planter basket in Bangladesh.

Kaisa Planter basket:

Kaisa planter baskets have crafted by expert craftsmen hand in Bangladesh through traditional weaving techniques. The grass was bathed in the sunlight, purified and natural Colors before the natural basket of Kaisa made out of sturdy Kaisa grass was woven into riparian squares during the monsoon season. These Kaisa baskets are available in natural and black in various sizes. Squares have made of Kaisa grass strips that rise on the sides of the rivers. The grass of Kaisa has covered in delicate baskets. In Bangladesh, the baskets are ethical and original. Many of the original seagrass items are handwoven, which make them a lot better compared to the woven baskets of the machine.


Palm leaf planter basket:

our elegant full-sized Palm leaf planter baskets are handwoven with a natural palm handle from palm leaf. The tender, flexible Palmyra leaf is perfect for making Olai (leaf) decorative sticks. The palm tree grows in high temperatures. Palm leaves make this basket environmentally-friendly and earthy. This basket is handmade and can have seen as a basket of waste material. An eerke, a midrib, is locally called as a basket rim, folds per leaflet. This basket will be an excellent addition to any house, the ideal full-sized storage basket or planter.


Hanging basket:

You add a coastal excitement to your plant collection with our natural hanging basket planters. The woven basket s is ideal to have a comfortable and quiet atmosphere in a bathroom. Plant summer squares hanging from April, but require frost cover by mid or late May. One plant per inch of basket diameter should have used as a general thumb concept for planting a hanging basket with a flower pot.   Generally, it is better to grow in place after the frost is over, and then you will not have a greenhouse. Seagrass basket is suitable to prevent pouring into the garden and kitchen in some hanging areas.


Woven baskets for plant:

Traditionally crafted with stiff fibres, the woven basket for plants may be made of a variety of materials, including wood splints, runners and canes. During most baskets, other items such as horsehair, baleen or metal wire may have used. Woven in general, woven baskets have woven by hand. Our fabricated woven basket variety is available in a variety of different sizes as an option is available. The woven basket planter is lightweight but long-lasting. The baskets will also have found in the guest quarters, the dining room, the children’s room, the restroom.





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