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The Seagrass basket is a popular choice and an important component of a well-designed area. The handwoven hogla baskets are manufactured by rural Bangladeshi men who go to the capital city to work between sowing and harvest. A roof over their heads and cooking and sanitary facilities are provided for the employees. They are not required to pay for their lodging and get a decent wage for each basket they produce, all while setting their own pace. They are shielded against underpayment and homelessness despite sleeping and working in a small workplace. The Seagrass Basket has a rustic yet stylish appearance. These baskets have a basic and minimalist form that is functional and beautiful—Handwoven from Woven by female artisans in Bangladesh sponsored by Fair Trade organizations. 

seagrass basket

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Seagrass Basket

. Our handmade seagrass baskets, including natural seagrass baskets. are elegant and comprise a unique mix of seagrass fabric, bamboo, and cane. The best collection of storage baskets for your home or outdoor services can

Kaisa storage basket

Jute Rope Basket

The Jute Rope Basket typically indicates a home bowl, sometimes a basket, that can be washed out, regardless of the layout of the dryer or off the line or dirty laundry. A few of the associated corner laundry basket seagrass

Kaisa Basket

Kaisa planter baskets have crafted by expert craftsmen hand in Bangladesh through traditional weaving techniques. The grass was bathed in the sunlight, , purified and natural Colors before the natural basket

Hogla is a kind of seagrass native to Bangladesh. Generous, strong, and deep, it may have used for storage or anything you like.They appear to belong in the big outdoors. Unlike plastic pots, square basket planters for outdoor are ecologically beneficial and long-lasting. They will ultimately degrade, but it will take a long time.

The Hogla basket will bring flair and functionality to your home office or family space. Baskets, cushions, and place mats are all made of hogla. Hogla is a tough plant fibre that quickly develops and multiplies. Locals eradicate the Hogla plant because it routinely creates difficulties near the coasts and densely overgrows entire harbours. Strong ethical and sustainable ideals guide Hogla’s whole sourcing and production process. The Hogla Basket has a rustic yet stylish appearance. These baskets have a basic and minimalist form that is both effective and aesthetic.

The indoor and home seagrass basket is available in four sizes. It is available anywhere as a front shoe basket, seagrass basket drawers, towel garden basket, seagrass stair basket or decorative basket, seagrass shelf basket etc. in the home or outdoors, with handles folded or used. The household essentials seagrass stair basket with the handle always has an elegant, timeless, organic mix of designs, with this Natural Seagrass Waste basket, welcome natural beauty and elegance of seagrass into your house. The natural elegance turns the average, perfect for bathrooms or laundry rooms.  The IKEA seagrass basket has made of steel to produce a compact and stylish shape. It looks good with most decors in a black finish. Two drawers with sufficient room to carry your necessary things are in the free-standing piece in the seagrass file baskets. The seagrass may be used as plant pot covers (for fiddle leaf fig tree), picnic baskets, lovely straw beach bags for women, or great storage bins for clothes, blankets, baby toys, diapers, and household items. 


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